Recognising the significant contribution of one of Augusta's own
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How to best honour Bryce Barnett's service to his community.

 Bryce Barnett - take a bow. You've done Taranaki proud and showed us all how much difference one person can make. 

In stepping up to take the reins of chairman at the Taranaki Rescue Helicopter Trust in 2013 he helped ensure the future of this valuable asset. 

In stepping down, six years later, the New Plymouth businessman has served a term far longer than anyone could have hoped. He has our immense gratitude. 

Taranaki would be a different place without the TRHT and the dedicated team that keep it going. 

Because the rescue helicopter is so much more than an expensive piece of machinery to pluck lost trampers from Mt Taranaki. 

 It is also a conduit to medical services not available in Taranaki.

It is a lifeline that has saved countless lives and, in doing so, helped thousands of people avoid the grief of losing their loved ones before their time. 

Without it we'd all be poorer. 

And yet as important as it so obviously is, it's still an asset that could do with more community support.

Responsibility for drumming up that support now rests with New Plymouth accountant Evan Cottam and businessman Darrin Muggeridge. 

The best way Taranaki can honour the service Barnett has given the trust is to ensure that responsibility is easy to fulfil. 

Matt Rilkoff​ | Taranaki Editor