Environmental Policy

Our Commitment to the Enviroment

Whether it is providing environmentally responsible investment choices, planting trees, or simply installing office systems which reduce energy consumption, Augusta Capital Limited (Augusta Capital) will by its actions demonstrate that an environmental commitment is totally compatible with its broader stakeholder interests.  The directors of Augusta Capital believe that taking advantage of environmental management opportunities is consistent with their objective to enhance shareholder value.

Environmental Policy

(a)       Environmental Regulations and Legislation

Augusta Capital will ensure that it meets or exceeds all relevant environmental regulations of the relevant local authority in which it operates, while at the same time meeting community environmental standards.

(b)       Operations and Business Practices

Augusta Capital will conserve natural resources through management of water, energy and paper consumption throughout its operations.  Augusta Capital is committed to programs in recycling and waste management and to the purchase of recycled products where possible and within reasonable cost boundaries.

Consideration will also be given to environmental criteria in the awarding of contracts to prospective suppliers and the selection of products for Augusta Capital’s operations.

(c)       Community Employee Awareness

Augusta Capital will require that every employee understands the importance of incorporating environmental consideration in their daily business activities where this is appropriate. The Company will encourage management to use the subcontractors and suppliers that adopt the best environmental practices.

(d)       Environmental Governance

Augusta Capital is actively committed to ensuring environmental aspects are integrated into its business activities and to environmental protection. 

Augusta Capital’s Board of Directors has overall responsibility for the Company’s environmental policies and performance.